Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather in Armenia?
The weather in Armenia is highland continental, hot summers, cold winters.
Are there any popular holiday resorts in Armenia?
There are many resorts in Armenia: Tsaghkadzor, Sevan, Dilijan, Djermuk are the famous ones.
What is the currency in Armenia? Can I use Dollars or Euros in shops?
The Armenian currency is called Dram (AMD), the shops are dealing only in Dram.
Where can I change money?
There are currency exchange offices everywhere in Yerevan, Banks exchange currency too. You can find out more at www.rates.am
Are there any ATMs in Yerevan?
There are many ATMs in Yerevan. Fees may apply.
Are credit cards like Visa, MasterCard acceptable in Armenia?
Visa, MasterCard, American Express are acceptable in Yerevan.
Are there any Restaurants in Yerevan serving foreign food?
In Yerevan Restaurants You can taste the dishes of Arabian, Mexican,Chinese, Russian, Italian, American and many of other Cuisines.
Where can I buy Souvenirs?
The Souvenirs can be purchased in Vernisage at weekends. That's an open-air crafts market in the center of Yerevan, close to the Republic Square.
What means of public transportation can be found in and out of Yerevan?
Metro-Subway ($ 0.24), Taxicabs ($1 to $5), buses ($ 0.24), mini buses ($ 0.24) are available in Yerevan. Taxicabs, buses and mini buses are running out of Yerevan.
Is it possible to get a visa at the airport in Armenia?
Yes you can get a visa upon your arrival in Yerevan, at the Zvartnots (EVN/UGEE) airport. We recommend to obtain a visa prior your arrival to Armenia on internet at https://evisa.mfa.am/
What is the electricity system in Armenia?
The electricity in Armenia is 220 V, frequency is 50 H, plug types are C, F.
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