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      Time:  GMT + 4 hours, daylight saving time is canceled, current time in Armenia 
      Climate: Hot Summers, Cold Winters, the best time to visit Armenia is autumn.
      Telephone:                The country code is 374 + the city (10 for Yerevan). Outgoing international calls can be made by dialing 00, followed by country code and number.
      Currency:                                                       The Armenian national currency called Dram (AMD). 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 drams in coins and 1.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, 100.000 dram notes are used. Foreign currency can be exchanged at the banks and currency exchange points throughout the city. You can find out current exchanges at www.rates.am
      Language:                                                        The official language is Armenian, an separate branch of the Indo - European family. The Armenian alphabet, created by Mesrop Mashtots in 405 AMD, is still in use without undergoing alterations throughout many centuries of its existence. The English and Russian languages are also widely spoken in the country.
      Religion:                                                         Christian Apostolic 94.7%, other Christian 4%, the Yezdi 1.3%. Armenia adopted Christianity as the state religion as early as 301 AD, long before the other countries were officially converted. The Armenian Apostolic Church is one of the ancient Christian Churches.
      Transport:                                                                                          The Armenia has direct air connections with many countries in Europe, Asia, Middle East and CIS. The most flights operate out of the international airport Zvartnots (EVN/UGEE), equipped with the necessary facilities. Buses, Mini buses and taxis are the basic means of transportation in Yerevan. Car Rental is available in Yerevan and other major cities, it is possible to hire cars with drivers.
      Road Traffic: Right side
      Capital: Yerevan, to learn more about Yerevan visit the official site at www.yerevan.am
      Mobile: Operators: VivaCell-MTSBeelineOrange





      • December 31,  January 1 and 2 - New Year
      • January 6 - Holy Christmas
      • March 8 - Women's Day
      • April 7 - Motherhood and Beauty Day
      • April 24 - Day of remembrance of the Victims of Genocide in 1915
      • May 9 - Victory and Peace Day
      • May 28 - Day of the first Republic
      • July 5 - Constitution Day
      • September 21 - Independence Day 
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